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Over the years St Peter’s Square Dental Surgery striven to offer patients the best possible dental services. Because of you, our patients and our professional work, over the years we have achieved numerous awards and recognition titles from prestigious reputable titans within the dental field.

We are very grateful and pleased with all awards and we would like to Thank our patients for their support. We are always trying to offer the best possible dental services at affordable prices.

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants………. €1075 (including crown)

Dental X-ray

OPG, Dental X-rays (radiography) are simply detailed images of your teeth, teeth bone structure (maxillary) that your dentist uses to evaluate your general oral health. These X-rays are using low levels of radiation to…

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Whether you’re looking for an oral examination, a tooth filling or a dental implant at St Peter’s Square Dental Surgery we can help.

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